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Mentoring and Education 

Futures, Stocks and Options

What is Swing Trading Academy

Swing Trading Academy

At the heart of every trader's journey lies the desire for success—success defined by profitable trades, consistency, and the ability to navigate the financial markets with confidence and skill.

Aspiring traders face multiple challenges that include, emotional decision-making, lack of discipline, poor risk management, overtrading, and inadequate preparation just to name a few. With 16 years of experience in markets we understand these challenges and offer a suite of solutions designed to address them effectively.

We begin with individual mentoring and foundational decision-making support, complemented by tailored training and coaching. Additionally, we foster a learning community through interactive tutorials, live classes, and group study sessions. This personalized approach sets us apart in the trading education space.

Are you a novice eager to delve into the markets, an experienced trader looking to sharpen your strategies, or someone who has tried but not yet succeeded in trading? 


This personalized and proven one-on-one approach is key to bridging the gap between your current position and your trading aspirations. Our approach is tailored to meet you exactly where you are, guiding you step by step towards achieving your goals.  

Recognizing the competitive nature of trading, we maintain limited enrollment to ensure that each student receives the attention they deserve. ​If you are intrigued by the prospect of receiving one-on-one mentoring and embarking on a transformative journey, we encourage you to contact us at

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Why We Started Mentoring

In today's rapidly evolving and increasingly complex trading environment, the necessity for one-on-one mentoring over standard trading education is becoming more apparent. Traditional trading education often provides a theoretical foundation, yet often fails to deliver practical insights and tailored strategies necessary for navigating the multifaceted global markets. Unfortunately, amidst the demand for this knowledge, the current landscape is witnessing a significant proliferation of fraudulent activities and the widespread dissemination of misinformation. This includes but is not limited to individuals selling information that is freely available, packaging it as "exclusive knowledge," and setting up people with unrealistic expectations about swift and effortless success in trading.

One-on-one mentoring stands as a bulwark against these deceptive practices. A genuine mentor, being an experienced trader themselves, offers personalized guidance tailored to an individual's trading style, risk tolerance, time constraints and financial goals. They deliver real-time insights, practical market wisdom, and continuous feedback - elements often missing in standard educational formats or masked by false promises in deceptive offerings.

The benefit of this approach goes beyond mere knowledge transfer; it also provides a protective layer and helps traders distinguish between legitimate strategies and deceptive ones. This personalized approach not only helps novices understand complex market dynamics but also equips experienced traders with strategies to refine their trading acumen and decision-making processes. Thus, in the volatile and unpredictable world of trading, where misinformation can lead to catastrophic losses, one-on-one mentoring is an invaluable resource that can significantly enhance a trader's ability to make informed decisions, manage risk, speed up the learning process and ultimately, maximize their potential for success.

1 Hour Free Consultation

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Embark on your trading journey with a complimentary one-hour consultation with our Head Trader. Regardless of your trading level - veteran or novice - we're eager to share innovative insights, tackle your inquiries, dive deep into an extensive trading analysis, and familiarize you with our distinctive programs uniquely crafted for you. Remember, trading extends beyond mere numbers, it requires comprehension. This consultation is your first step on this riveting journey, ripe with learning opportunities and enriched understanding. Held over the phone or on Zoom, don't miss this chance to elevate your trading acumen. Grab this empowering opportunity right now!

The Fundamentals Mentorship Program

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Discover a world of opportunities with our Fundamentals Program, designed to usher beginners into the exhilarating realm of trading. Step into this immersive six-month journey with zero prerequisite knowledge and emerge with a comprehensive understanding that could redefine your perspective on markets and trading strategies. Our dedicated one-on-one mentorship emphasizes a personalized learning curve, catering to your pace and style. This program isn't just about building skills; it's about fostering confidence, cultivating an informed decision-making process, and equipping you to tap into the untapped potential within you. Step up, take the leap, and begin your transformative journey with the Fundamentals Program.

Custom 1-on-1 Mentorship Program

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Immerse yourself in our tailored 1 on 1 mentorship program, tailored for intermediate to advanced traders. We evaluate your trading approach, blending aspects you appreciate from your existing strategy, while infusing our time-tested theories and techniques. This customized program flexibly caters to your distinct needs, establishing a perfect blend of your trading knowledge and our proficiency. It's more than mentorship, it's a collaborative journey. Embark on an exclusive trading journey with us and elevate your trading expertise to unparalleled levels. Let us come together to shape your distinct path in the world of trading, commencing today.

Client Experiences from Trustpilot

"The one-on-one mentoring Swing Trading Academy offers has been an invaluable tool in my development as a trader. Weekly meetings over the last six months have provided an opportunity to regularly pick the brains of an expert, address and fix shortcomings, and affirm what I’m doing well on a regular basis. I can’t think of a better way to kick-start the path of becoming an effective trader and I’m grateful I took this step with STA."


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