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Introduction to Futures Markets

What is a Futures Market?  What are they for and how do we trade them? CLICK HERE

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Trading Plan vs. Trading Process

Traders always ask "what should a good trading plan look like?" Our response, are you talking about a plan or a process? What about a trading routine? In this short video we cover the differences and why its important to know the distinction between them. It often separates successful traders from failed traders. CLICK HERE 

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Think Like a Trader

A student asked about thinking like a trader. Our response is in this video. It requires disciplined decision making, weighing potential risks and rewards, analyzing market data, having emotional control, having a long-term perspective, and continually educating oneself to improve skills and knowledge. CLICK HERE

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Progression of a Trader

Where are you on the road to becoming a trader? Part of the frustration with the trading journey is not knowing where you are at in the process. This presentation provides a clear roadmap with sign posts along the way. With this roadmap some of the more frustrating parts of the journey can be understood and overcome. Leave a comment and let us know where you are at in this journey. CLICK HERE

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Trader Development Hurdles

Developing traders often run into hurdles that stunt their growth and even cause them to quit all together. In this video we take a look at multiple hurdles and talk about how to overcome them. CLICK HERE

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